Friday, June 14, 2013

The Most Colorful Creative Wedding

The big day arrived!!!!
It was a great HOT day for Becky and Chase but that did not stop the smiles, tears, hugs, and 
great times!  Enjoy the pictures!

Nadia's belt was a tad too big for her!!!
Beautiful bride, bridesmaids and flower girl

LOVED the colors
We made ALL the flowers out of fabric - here is an example.
Wasn't too difficult . . .
The cake table

Becky waiting to see Chase for the first time.
This was her mother's dress that her grandmother made.
Her mother made a few alterations to modernize it. 
Here she comes!!!! 
The flower girl and ring bearer going down the aisle.

The bride going down the aisle.

The ceremony . . . 
Some of the guys and their shoes. . . 

Beautiful Becky
Instead of a Unity Candle, Becky and Chase did a Unity Spin Art.
Each member of the family added their favorite color to the spin art.
Then Chase and Becky added their colors as well.
"Hartle EST 2013" will be added later.

Some happy and tired WACS and Wedding Coordinator

Happy Wedding Day, Becky and Chase!
We love you and are proud of you!

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