Monday, June 10, 2013

A Night with the Duck Commander

Our family has joined the Duck Dynasty Fan Club!
The kids and Damon especially love to watch the show and will just laugh and laugh.
So, when FHU announced that Phil and Kay were coming, we knew we had to be there!
So the kids put on their camo . . . 
we hoped into the limo . . . .
(Just kidding  . . . this limo belongs to one of my student's dad who got us in
line to have our picture taken with Phil and Kay)

As we were in line to have our picture taken, I opened our envelope and realized we 
were also going to be EATING WITH PHIL AND KAY!!!
LB about stroked!

LB and Madlyn were tickled pink green (that is probably a better word)
that Mrs. Kay talked to them when we had our picture taken with them!

After meeting, we headed down for supper with the Robertsons.
I got to eat with two of my super sweet girls from school.

Tatum and LB did not eat much supper because they were so close to Phil and Kay.
It was quite hysterical!

From eating with Phil and Kay, we went to hear Alan (the oldest unbearded one) speak for a few
minutes about life as a Robertson and then he introduced his dad, Phil.

Our crew is super stoked to be this close!!

The Duck Commander himself - Phil Robertson!

At the end, our Ryan was chosen to represent the athletes by giving Phil a waterproof
Bible all the athletes had signed!

It was a great night - one that we will never forget!
That's a fact, Jack!!!

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