Saturday, June 1, 2013

Racing for Noah

The kids LOVE running 5Ks these days.  I really don't know where they get it. Both Damon and I really detest running.  However, they love it.  

Recently, the CCHS soccer team had a 5K to help raise money for the team, but also for Baby Noah Judd.  Baby Noah was born VERY early.  He was due June 2 but came into this world on February 18 weighing 1lb. 3oz.  Needless to say, this little man has had a fight and fight he has!!!!  His daddy is the head soccer coach for CCHS and part of the money raised from this 5K went to the family to help with expenses.

The kids gladly put on their "Playing for Noah" shirts and ran the 5K proudly for him!
The kids were glad to see Evan there as well.

Carter's teacher, Mrs. Stacey, is the assistant soccer coach.
He wore his Cubs hat just for her because she is a Cardinals fan!

They are off - notice Carter out in front!!!!

With their medals for a great race.

Evan came in first in the boys' age group.  Carter was not too far behind him coming in second with a time of 23:53.  LB won first in the girls' age group with a time of 33:34.  

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