Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lads to Leaders: Saturday Night

We are always proud of our kids for just participating in Lads to Leaders.  Some years are better for others and some years other kids will shine.  We are always just proud of them choosing to better their talents for God's kingdom.

Carter won first place in scrapbook.

Carter won first place in song leading.

His precious (yes, I can still call them that since they are in 3rd grade) friends congratulating
him on his winning!

Some very special ladies

Carter won third in speech.

Carter, Wayne and Cade - Wayne did a great job working with the young men on their speeches.

Carter's Bible Bowl team won third place!!!! 
The other team in his age group also made finalists!!! Gran was their coach!

David was great to work with the boys in song leading all year.

 The highlight of the night was puppets! Carter's team was called as a Finalist team.  Watch their faces over the next few pictures as they realize they won first place!!!

They are just pleased to be in the top 3!

Carter realizes they will have won first or second.

The realization has hit some of them that they won first place - notice Trenton's fingers are still crossed!

Blurry but AMAZING!


With coaches Bonnie and Randall! 

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