Monday, June 10, 2013

Graduation Party - Welch Style

Carter was suppose to play all weekend of graduation, and Hunter was PUMPED!
However, due to MAJOR rains, baseball was cancelled, so Hunter called to say he was coming to play after all of Whitney's graduation stuff was done.
To say Carter was excited was a major understatement . . .
This is where I found him waiting not so very patiently!

Not only did Hunter show up but the Newby girls did as well, so what does that mean?
A little GOTCHA . . . 

A little work on the pitcher's mound . . .

A little 3 on 3 - girls vs boys, of course

A little kickball . . . 

I do believe Carter was trying to cram in the last 9 months of being away from Hunter into 4 hours.
Of course, we all needed a cookie break, and it was getting very dark outside, so we came in to just enjoy being together.

My Girls - love it!!!
These two and the love they share for one another . . . .

Trying to pull a Carter/Hunter picture and failing miserably at it!
A first picture of all the Welches and Newbys together - I was in heaven!
Thanks for making a little boy's and girl's night a wonderful one!
They love you more than you will ever know!

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