Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back to the Generals

Damon was a dear and took the kids with some of our dearest friends to the 
Jackson Generals game again the other DAY - not night - DAY!
Carter was pumped and still a little mad that last time he did not get to see Stephen pitch, so
he made this sign to take with him.
You know because I am SURE the coach is looking into the stands to convince him who to put in the game!

I did not get to go with them because of a previous engagement, but the kids had a HOT day at the ball park.  However, the Generals are so smart.  They take care of things like that for you.
Today was Super Splash Day. We kept wondering what that was all about.
Here's the low-down.

Super Splash Day = the Fire Department being there with the fire hose to spray the fans down EVERY half inning.

Super Splash Day = 4 Happy Kids!

They were drenched but they had oh so much fun!!!

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