Saturday, June 1, 2013

Literary Ladies: One Thousand Gifts

For our March meeting of Literary Ladies at church, we read the book One Thousand Gifts.  
It was a different book compared to the others we have read up to this point, but what a great one it was.  It was a wonderful choice as we began a new year because the whole point of the book was to look every day at the gifts God has given you that day - big and small.

The decorations were chosen to represent small gifts that you might see in nature every day.  Since the cover of the book was a nest with eggs (a gift showing growth and starting new), nests and birds were the main decorations of the night.

As the women arrived, they were allowed and encouraged to go to a creation table.  There we had everything they needed to make their own gratitude journal - something that was mentioned in the book as a way to record your gifts from God each day.  The ladies did such a great job being creative and showing their different personalities with the books they made.  Here are a few examples of the ones that were made.

For our meal, each lady brought something they were thankful for.  We had such a wonderful array of different foods and the reasons they were thankful for those items.  

While we had lost one of our members the previous night from a fight with cancer, it was a great time to talk about how thankful we were for her and her effect on each of our lives.  The flowers that adorned the tables were collected and placed in a larger vase.  Then they were given to the family along with cards telling why each of us was thankful for Hope.

It was a wonderful night.  The next book, The Wedding Dress, was introduced for us to read for our meeting in May.  Great plans are already in the works for another great meeting.

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