Saturday, June 1, 2013

Aunt Becky's DAY OF FUN!!!!

I don't take to many days off of school, but when my babies are coming into town when I haven't seen them in 4 months - I take off!!!  Walker wound up not making the trip, but Lucy and I still had a great day together!

Started my morning off playing with this sweetie!
 Then we went to visit Pop Whittle and play with him!

The stairs are always a hit with the kids!
 On my day off, East Chester had their first annual ENERGY RUN!!  It was actually suppose to be the next day, but rain was a threat so they moved it to the day I was not there!
Richard, Lucy and I went to school to see Carter and my class run and run they did!!!!

Lucy even went around a lap or two with Carter!

Carter was a running machine! He ran 66 laps in a matter of 26 minutes.
Why? We have no idea!!!!
 After the ENERGY RUN we went to eat lunch with LB at the middle school.  Lucy loved waving to all the kids as they went by! She was a HUGE hit!!!

I loved spending time with my little Lucy! So glad I was able to have a day full of fun with her! (and Richard!)

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