Saturday, June 1, 2013

I am NOT ready for Junior High!!!!

My oldest child will begin her junior high career this fall. 
I am NOT old enough for this to be happening.
She is not old enough for this to be happening.
Where has time gone?
I have really tried not thinking about it, but this week I had to take her to the junior high because she was trying out for the junior high soccer team.  My little child (nothing big except her name) is trying out to play a sport she LOVES against girls who are 10xs bigger than she is!!!
It is killing me!  She, on the other hand, is LOVING it!

There she is in the orange - can't miss her, can you?

What kills me more now is that we had to wait to find out which incoming sixth graders would take the 5 slots and which would get 1 of the 4 manager positions.  I don't wait very well - especially when it involves my children!

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS FOR TEXTING!!!! I got a text from a sweet dear friend who understands the waiting game and sent me a text as my students were leaving for the day.  The text read - 

"LB made the team!!! Madlyn is a manager!"

Thank goodness they both made it in some way!  Can't wait to cheer on the Eaglettes this fall!!

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