Thursday, June 13, 2013

Third Grade Awards Day

Carter's last day in third grade . . . 
at East Chester . . . 
down the hall from me . . . 

has officially come to an end.
He had a great career at East Chester and is FULLY prepared to go to the middle school
next year!  He had a great last day at East Chester at the third grade awards ceremony.
More proof that we have been so blessed by the faculty and staff at this school!

Carter and Mrs. Stacey
Carter and Mrs. Stella - his grandmother for the past 3 years
Tyricus, Carter and Ben have been together for 3 years!!!
Carter and some of his awards from awards day.
It is tough being teacher and parent!
Gran came for Awards Day!
Damon was able to come as well!
Mrs. Kim (his principal) and Carter
Mrs. Spring (his vice-principal) and Carter
Cade and Carter
True personalities of Carter and Tucker
 It will be so weird next year with NONE of my kids being at East with me.  However, I know they are more than prepared to continue their education and I am thrilled I don't have to go anywhere else! I love my East Chester family and so blessed that my kids have had them in their lives!

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