Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Capital Day

Our third day in DC was a little calmer as far as the walking goes. Our hotel was not that far from the capital so we chose to walk over to the spend the morning at the Capital. I just love this building. 
There is just something about it!

We loved our time there. Then we walked over to the Air and Space Museum.
Grandad and the kids especially LOVED this museum.

Look how big these rockets are compared to Dad and Damon (who are both 6 foot 4!!!)
Grandad, being the former pilot, loved going through the How Things Fly exhibit with the kids.
This museum has changed so much since we lived there.  There is so much that is hands on for the kids.

and then LO AND BEHOLD - What did we see?
Not the one that is missing, of course!!!
We HAD to have our picture with it and, as you can tell, LB is thrilled!

We took a break on the mall and had a snack.  While we were there, Carter found baseball bases, so you know what that means!

After our break on the mall we wandered over to the US Botanical Gardens.  It was a nice break and Mom, the botanist, was thrilled because she saw plants she had NEVER seen before!

We decided to head over to Union Station for supper and a night tour of the monuments.

A view of the back of the Lincoln from Arlington

One of my favorite monuments . . . 

Two of the best views of the night are above and below.

WWII Monument with the Lincoln Memorial behind it
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
FDR Memorial (Go see this one during the day. It was not very well lit.)
The MLK, Jr. Memorial
What a great last night downtown we had!!
I just fall more and more in love with this city!

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