Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fifth Grade Awards Day

Both my babies are moving on up to bigger schools this next year.
It is really killing my soul on more than one level.
I am still trying to figure out how they are getting old while I am just staying oh so young!

I was not able to go to LB's awards day but Gran and Damon represented.
I was super proud of Damon for actually remembering to take pictures for me!!!

LB came to the middle school very apprehensive, shy (in her own way), reserved and a little girl.
She is leaving the middle school confident, outgoing, independent and a young lady.
Our whole family has just been amazed at the change in her over the past two years, and it just warms my heart!

She had a fabulous fifth grade year! She was concerned because she had a MAN as a teacher!!
She pictured him old, gray . . . and as you can see Mr. Edwards was anything BUT that!!!

These two adored each other.  I tell people that if he had asked her to build a rocket and shoot it to the moon she would have done it in a heart beat and asked if she needed to be on the rocket!
We are SUPER PUMPED because Mr. Edwards is going to be LB's assistant soccer coach at the junior high!!!!!!
We are so glad we will still have him in her life for the next few years!!!

LB and her awards
 Damon said on the way out of school, LB had to stop by Ms. Holdren's class to see her.  This was her fourth grade teacher and now a great friend.  Diane would pick LB up when she had to go to school 
with me in the mornings.  They would have breakfast together and I am sure talked about things going on in life. LB LOVED her time with Ms. Diane and Ms. Diane LOVED it as well.

We are so thankful for these amazing people who have helped shape our little girl into the FABULOUS young lady she is today!!!

JUNIOR HIGH (gulp!), here she comes!!!!!

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